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Special Events

We have several special events for our kids (and some for parents) throughout each school year.


Open House

The first event of the year. We have a short parent orientation and plenty of time to meet the teachers and tour the facility.

Grandparent's Day

Each fall we have a special day for the grandparents of our students to come spend some time with their grandkids.

Costume Parade

On this special day, everyone dresses up for school in his or her favorite costume. The teachers dress up, too! 

Thanksgiving Feast

We celebrate Thanksgiving each year with this fun day of feasting and giving thanks.

Rodeo Roundup

We experience the wonder of animals through an interactive experience.

Easter Egg Hunt

What better way to celebrate Easter than with a classic Easter Egg Hunt during school?

Pancakes with Parents

Each spring, we like to invite the parents to a special pancake feast at school with their kids.

Splash Day

Towards the end of school, we take advantage of the rising temperatures and let the kids splash around with water activities outside.

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